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The original purpose of Nathaniel Currierís prints was:

to create affordable wall art.
to document news events..
to practice lithography.
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Currier & Ives' America
by Walton Rawls

In the 1800s-long before the days of photojournalism and cable news-vibrant, contemporary depictions of news events, portraits of prominent political and social figures, and scenic views of the American wilderness were circulated throughout the growing nation. From the beginning of the exciting century that saw a small nation expand into a mighty world power, the famous lithographic firm of Nathaniel Currier and James Merritt Ives produced over 7,000 prints, capturing scenes of American life in vivid detail.

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A Currier & Ives Holiday Celebration

This montage of the works of Nathaniel Currier and James Merritt Igives an overview of many of their nostalgic winter scenes. To this day, their creations are world famous.


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Cookie Cutter of a Civil War Horse Soldier

AN-TIQUE (an-teek) An object having special value because of its age, especially a domestic item, piece of furniture or decorative arts object esteemed for its artistry, beauty, mechanical ingenuity, or period of origin.

The Antiques Almanac, a five-edition-per-year online magazine for beginning and intermediate antiques collectors and those just interested in finding out about old things, is your first stop on the Web in your search for information about antiques and collectibles. Here, youíll find articles on a variety of American and international antiques, including furniture, china, glass, silver, and other decorative arts from the Colonial, Empire, Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco Periods, plus vintage and modern collectibles, interesting historical facts, antique tips, and recommendations for caring for your collections. Come back often to see what's new. And be sure to tell your friends about us.

This edition's theme:
"Winter Memories"
Volume 15 No. 5

This edition  features articles on winter holiday antiques and collectibles.


The Enduring Charm of
Currier & Ives
On Jan. 13, 1840, the steamboat Lexington caught fire while en route from New York to Stonington, Conn. Only a handful of the 140 passengers and crew survived. Three days later, a realistic picture of the tragedy appeared in The. Extra Sun, a subsection of the New York Sun.. Acknowledged to be the first published newspaper illustration, the Awful Conflagration of the Steam Boat "Lexington" in Long Island Sound made the firm of N. Currier an overnight success.

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Going Crackers
Crackers are one of Britainís greatest traditions. Formerly only seen and enjoyed in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa, their quirkiness has lately appeared in British T.V. shows, such as ďAll Creatures Great and SmallĒ here in the U.S. and elsewhere.

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Gingerbread Fantasies
A sweet treat from Colonial times in America, gingerbread has always been special at holiday time, whether it has been fashioned into simple, fanciful shapes to decorate a pine tree, as sturdy men for eating, or as a flavorful cakes for dessert..

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Go Nuts for Nutcrackers
Lots of people have admired German nutcrackers over the years and many collect them. But few probably know that nutcrackers have been a part of Christmas ever since the first one appeared in human form in the 17th century. For Volker Fuchtner, making nutcrackers has been a family business ever since his great-great grandfather, Wilhelm Friedrich Fuchtner, created the classic wooden nutcracker in Germany's Erzgebirge region.

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Nothing Cut and Dried About Collecting Cookie Cutters
Tis the season for baking cookies, not just for Christmas, but for all the other holidays at this time of year. And, letís face it, theyíre comfort food that not only warm a personís tummy but also warm up the kitchen as theyíre baking. At the heart of many cookies, especially those delicious sugar varieties, lies the cookie cutter.

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Caring for Antique Metal 
Part of collecting antiques is caring for them. Next to paper ephemera, antiques made of metal are some of the most volatile types of materials. Items made of metal require care and maintenance to keep them in stable condition.
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A Look at the Wintry World Inside
Away We Go Awassailing
It's Snowing Babies
The Origin of the Holiday Feast


An Editorial on Antiques

How to Tell If an Antique is a Fake

Bob discusses how to tell fake antiques from the real thing.


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Winter Memories"
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Winter Sports Museum Educates Visitors
by Bob Brooke

While all antique dealers sell items from the past, few take advantage of them to teach their customers a little about the itemsí history. The folks at Ski Country Antiques in Evergreen, Colorado, have done just that by creating a winter sports museum right in their store.
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Christmas on the
Home Front

by Bob Brooke

Celebrating Christmas during World War II was a challenge for most people, except for perhaps the very wealthy. Just about every family had at least one member in the Armed Forces. The constant worries for those loved ones serving in the armed forces, away from home at the time of year when many families would gather together to celebrate, made it difficult for most.
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Platters Fit for a Turkey

Many families still use a large turkey platter. Though large but not very sophisticated, it often features a 22-inch pattern with yellow roses manufactured by Homer Laughlin. Itís got high sides and can hold a very large turkey, and by now itís even got a few rim chips, but itís part of the family, so it means a lot.
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How to Recognize and Refinish Antiques for Pleasure and Profit

Book: How to Recognizing and Refinishing Antiques for Pleasure and Profit

Have you ever bought an antique or collectible that was less than perfect and needed some TLC? Bob's book offers tips and step-by- step instructions for simple maintenance and restoration of common antiques.                 Read an Excerpt


Thy Amphorae Runneth Over with  Roman
 Gold Coins

Archaeologists discovered 19 amphorae, filled with more than 50,000 late Roman tetrarchic bronze coins in 2016 in the backyard of a villa in Tomares near Sevilla, Spain.

Bidding Goes on Past Midnight at Freedom Auction Company
Circus Sale

Circus historians, collectors, and enthusiasts turned into passionate bidders at the recent Winter Auction of Circus Collectibles.
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